I believe that implementing good policy begins with being a good listener, and I’m always interested in engaging in meaningful dialogue on the important issues facing our city. But beyond talk, I’ve delivered results. I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together over the next four years.

~ Sollie


A City With Strong Foundations

We must ensure that Mission has a strong foundation upon which to build. First and foremost, we need to deliver on core services. I am committed to making investments in our infrastructure, like our streets, which have long suffered from deferred maintenance. Last year, I had the exciting opportunity to serve on the Steering Committee to help select improvements for Mohawk Park, and as Mayor I will be dedicated to executing our Parks Master Plan to bring long-desired updates to all of our parks.  

A City That Works Together

Local government’s strength lies in its ability to be agile and responsive to the needs of the community. During my time on Council, I have prioritized citizen engagement to ensure that we can create collaborative solutions for Mission. With my fellow Ward 4 Councilmember, Ken Davis, I have held quarterly ward meetings to hear from you. As a member of the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, I am currently working alongside Mission residents to create a path for our city’s future. As Mayor, I will continue to look for ways that you can be actively involved in city decision-making, for example by establishing regular city-wide town halls and working to improve and expand our boards and commissions.

A City For the Future 

Tomorrow together. That’s the slogan for Mission’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan update, and also the perfect prompt for guiding our decisions in city government. What do we want the Mission of tomorrow to look like? And how do we make sure we bring all residents along? We are at a pivotal moment in Mission, and the actions we take now will shape our city for decades to come. During my time on Council, I’ve prioritized environmental sustainability and equity measures that make our city stronger and more welcoming. I’ve also challenged development projects that don’t meet our city’s goals. Through my service as Council Liaison to our own amazing Sustainability Commission, I’ve learned that a focus on the “3 Ps” – People, Planet, Prosperity – will help us to build a better tomorrow. As Mayor, I will prioritize actions that make Mission a first-class place to live, work, and play – not only now, but for future residents as well.


Transparency & Accountability
  • Established quarterly Ward 4 ward meetings
  • Consistently provided updates to residents through an active Facebook page 
  • Advocated for and secured a change in policy to record all Council Work Sessions 
  • Recommended and secured Mission’s participation in Evergy’s Renewables Direct Program (renewable energy for city operations)
  • Advocated for and obtained a guarantee of LEED Silver status for the new Mission Bowl development (“green” building)
  • Paused the implementation of new building energy codes pending an evaluation of the sustainability impacts
  • Supported walkability, including joining in advocating for the restriping of Johnson Drive (Nall to Lamar) to 3 lanes